Applications must be developed and submitted through one of the B3 research parties (Plant and Food Research, AgResearch, Scion, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research and the BioProtection Research Centre).

Please contact your organisation’s B3 manager, the B3 Director ([email protected]), the B3 Maori Research Leader ([email protected]) or a B3 Theme Leader (see leader’s contact details) to get a copy of the Request For Concepts.

The Request for Concepts document includes information to help design a suitable project for consideration and includes sections on:

  • Process/Priorities
  • Characteristics of a good proposal
  • Agreed priorities from stakeholders
  • Information required for Concept proposal

This is the largest B3 funding round for some time.  Projects totalling more than $4 million will be funded.

The deadline for Concepts is 21 January 2021 to be submitted to the B3 Director (David.Teulon@plantand