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Surveillance, Response & Eradication

Tools and strategies for preparedness for and response to incursions of invasive plant pest species, including determining their presence or absence

Theme Scope:

  • New Surveillance Methods: Increased ability to detect species earlier by development of timely, cost-effective surveillance methods and improvements of surveillance sensitivity
  • Defining Surveillance Efficacy: Increased understanding of and confidence in the effectiveness of surveillance programmes to enable better targeting and use of resources
  • New Eradication Tools: Develop tools that maximise the likelihood of eradication, minimise adverse environmental and cultural impacts, and lie within public thresholds of acceptance for new technologies
  • New Response Decision Tools: Develop tools and strategies to enable rapid and robust decision making during a biosecurity response.

Current research in this theme includes (June 2019):

  • Improved surveillance tools for key biosecurity targets
  • Biosecurity excellence in port communities
  • Integrating low power wide area networks into the biosecurity system
  • Maori responses to biosecurity incursions
  • Socially acceptable eradication tools underpinned by modelling for eradication
  • Genetic methods for eradicating recent invaders
  • Eradication toolkit and readiness
Jessica Vereijssen Theme E Leader
Jessica Vereijssen
Phone: 03 3259566