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Risk Assessment (Unintentional Introductions)

Improved tools and methodologies for identifying hazards, assessing risk, predicting impacts and ascertaining where in the system mitigation measures are best targeted for unintentional introductions.

Theme Scope:

  • Systems approaches for risk assessment: assess risk at any point along the pathway to determine optimal mitigations and equivalence of treatments
  • Risk grouping: group organisms for more efficient risk analysis
  • Future risks: identify emerging risks to prioritise activities
  • Impact prediction: predict potential impacts of unwanted organisms to inform biosecurity interventions.

Current research in this theme includes (June 2019):

  • Sentinel plants to forecast and future proof NZ plant systems against pests and diseases
  • Integrated biosecurity risk assessment models for imports
  • On-line automated climate matching functionality
  • Phytophthora biosecurity and biogeography
  • Pasture pest risk analysis


John Kean Theme B Leader
John Kean
Phone: 07 838 5658