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Pathway Risk Management

Fit-for-purpose tools and methodologies for reducing risks along importation pathways.

Theme Scope:

  • Detection Tools: Detection and sampling tools for use on importation pathways, data collection and analysis to refine criteria for directing pathway risk management efforts, and intelligence and profiling systems for risk detection
  • New Risk Reduction Options: New interventions and strategies for reducing risk within a systems context
  • Verifying compliance and efficacy: Methods for inspecting and verifying the integrity of pathway compliance within a systems approach.

Current research in this theme includes (June 2019):

  • New and less toxic on-shore treatments for imports
  • Risk reduction and quarantine treatments off-shore
  • Novel sensor approaches to sniff out biosecurity threats
  • Tourism, biosecurity and pathways into NZ
  • Optimising biosecurity investment and effort across all invasion phases
  • Network modelling of biosecurity risk associated with arable seed imports
Nicolas Meurisse Theme C Leader
Nicolas Meurisse
Phone: 07 343 5899