B3 is firmly behind the Ko Tātou This Is Us brand to connect and align all the actions and activities by individuals, businesses, iwi/hapū and communities across the biosecurity system to encourage further action. B3 is a national partner with the inventive House of Science charitable trustwhich provides quality science resources to schools, and professional learning for teachers, to promote positive engagement with science. Through House of Science, B3 has supported the development of the biosecurity kit (Invasion Busters – Ngā Kaiārai Kaiurutomo) that has introduced students to some key biosecurity concept in an engaging hands-on way.

The kit is available to 59 schools in the western Bay of Plenty and there are plans to release it more widely in NZ. The kit includes in the Invasion Busters board game where groups play a collaborative game that simulates NZ’s biosecurity system. See the recent video and article in the NZ Herald about this current B3 project.

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