The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), supported by Better Border Biosecurity (B3), has this year joined Euphresco, a global organisation comprising 50 countries that allows international experts to study and share information in the phytosanitary area.

Scientists from B3 and MPI are currently contributing to a dozen projects including Dr Chandan Pal, a senior scientist at MPI, who is investigating what kind of DNA we can find inside of plants.

“Euphresco has helped us build unique partnerships with our counterparts from other countries in plant health research area, and understand and build a common infrastructure required for research and innovation,” said Dr Pal.

Dr David Teulon, a B3 Director and Euphresco associate member for New Zealand, said being part of the global network provides great opportunities for B3 scientists to connect with international researchers working in areas of mutual interest.

“This opportunity to formalise New Zealand’s involvement in Euphresco is another important step in making sure we are sharing information and working together internationally on issues of concern to New Zealand’s plant biosecurity,” said Dr Teulon.

“We know how much damage plant pests and diseases are causing overseas, and science partnerships will help us stay ahead.” Said Dr Veronica Herrera, MPI’s diagnostics and surveillance services director and New Zealand’s representative on the Euphresco board.

“Our New Zealand scientists can work on common biosecurity solutions and share their practical knowledge with their peers on the other side of the world.”