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Empowering Te Ao Māori responses to biosecurity threats to taonga species, native ecosystems, and communities

This kaupapa Māori research supports a range of interests around inclusivity of Te Ao Māori tikanga (value and protocols) into programmes like B3.


This program directly supports engagement following whanaungatanga tikanga (relationships and connections and the values they support), relevant to each hapū we are working with.


The concept of biosecurity among tangata whenua is deeply rooted in cultural practices and roles as kaitieki. In this context, B3 biosecurity refers to methods taken to protect the environment, ecosystems and biodiversity from the introduction and spread of potential pests coming into Aotearoa that threaten taonga plant species.


Māori cultural authority should be recognised as an essential part of the biosecurity system where skilled kaitieki can work closely with government bodies to achieve positive outcomes.


Contact Project Leader Waipaina Awarau-Morris: [email protected]