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Optimising biosecurity investment and effort across all invasion phases

Biosecurity outcome

  • This project will enable better appreciation of the benefits and costs of border biosecurity interventions at different stages of the biosecurity system and the biosecurity system as a whole. Further, it will enhance the ability of biosecurity managers to understand trade-offs and make informed decisions about optimal interventions and investment across prevention (e.g., pathway risk management), surveillance, incursion response and pest management.

Science outcome


  • This project will provide a better conceptual understanding and improved analytical methods for calculating costs, benefits and trade-offs of pest impacts, border biosecurity measures, and trade-offs.



Key end users/stakeholders

Implementation:    Outputs are primarily focussed on informing policy decisions to inform optimum investment across the biosecurity continuum (e.g. MPI teams across Biosecurity NZ) and funding entities (e.g. B3, BHNSC).  Knowledge transfer is mainly through peer reviewed publications.  Outputs from sub-projects targeting model systems and approaches and will be implemented by relevant stakeholders (e.g.  MPI Science & Risk, Surveillance, GIA).

Māori outcome