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Point of use plant pathogen bioelectric sensor (PSA, Xylella)

Biosecurity outcome

  • Proof-of-concept for an in-field diagnoses tool (taxonomic &/or pathogenic status) of plant pathogens, without being restricted to a single, specific species/strain target per test, to enable remote surveillance activity to be more feasible, timely and cost-effective than current laboratory-based assessment, improving opportunities for early detection, delimitation, eradication or containment.

Science outcome

  • Bring together the latest portable conducting polymer (CP)-based electronic biosensor technology with specialised plant pathology knowledge generating a novel plant pathogen detection tool.

Key end users/stakeholders

Implementation:    Proof of concept.  After discussion with stakeholders (e.g. MPI-PHEL, DoC, GIA) the next steps for testing and validation for target pathogens in plant samples will be decided and funded through B3 (or alternative).

Māori outcome